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Nutty Noah
Cadgwith Gig Club U16s at Newquay 2012
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Cadgwith Mummers Boxing Day 2011

A touring theatre group entertained drinkers at a series of pubs and hotels on the Lizard Peninsula for one day only over the festive period. The Cadgwith Mummers gave their annual performance on Boxing Day, as part of a tradition going back hundreds of years that was revived in 1972. The play they perform has roots that can be traced back to medieval times and is believed to be an enactment of the death of the old year and the birth of the new. It features King Arthur, Miss Molly, a brave English soldier and a quack doctor. Ryker Jeal, who organised the play and whose father Peter revived the tradition in this area of Cornwall four decades ago, said: “It's always a great day. The cast enjoy it as much as the audience and this year we have raised over £280 for The Fishermen's Mission, which has benefitted many members of the Cadgwith community over the years, and Surf Action, a local charity which does amazing work supporting veterans of the armed forces and their families.”


Uploaded to Youtube on 30 March 2011
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