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Rambo Stephens and Willy Bob Bolitho



Harriet Cohen December 1895 - November 1967 She lived in Dolphin Cottage, Cadgwith.
John Tunnard May 1900 - December 1971
Jimmer Jane
Avice Etchells, (nee Jane) 1920 - 2011 pictured here for the WRNS
Joey & Betty Clarke (nee Etchells) 1961.
Left to Right, Lammie, Bim. Unknown, Henry Jane, Arthur Williams back to camera. It was taken in the mid 60s
Henry Jane
Martin Ellis "Nutty Noah"
Luke Stevens
Arhur Legge "Leggy"
Harry Stephens with his hat on the back of his head. I can't identify anybody else.
Lammy Stephens left, Harry "Putt" Stephens right
Brett Jose Buller Day 2014
Brett Jose Buller Day 2014
Paul Collins Buller Day 2014
Paul Collins Buller Day 2014
The Jane Family
Rambo Stephens and daughter Brenda outside what is now Clifton Cottage
Maurice "Bunny" Legge
Duke of Cornwall crew. Mouseover for names.

Mouseover for the names

There is more on Edwin Charles Jane here

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