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HIGHLAND FLING,built (1890) by Hawthorn Leslie Hebburn as MORAYSHIRE for Turnbull Martin & Co.-Scottish Shire Line. In 1898 she was sold to the Ducal Line and renamed DUKE OF PORTLAND and in 1905 went to the Nelson Lineand was renamed HIGHLAND FLING.

Whilst on passage London to Buenos Aires with a cargo of bagged cement the HIGHLAND FLING developed a leak and put in to Falmouth for inspection. After temporary repairs had been carried out she sailed for a more permanent repair to be carried out in Cardiff.

Soon after leaving Falmouth on January 7 1907,she encountered fog and ran aground near Cadgwith. Two tugs failed in their attempt to pull her off. Much of the cargo was discharged before explosives were used to seperate the damaged forward section from the stern. This operation was completed despite a gale blowing up. The stern was towed to Falmouth where it was put on a sand bank and her bunkers removed. An inspection deemed her not worthy of a bow section being fitted and she was broken up for scrap.

The bow section which was left on the rocks near Cadgwith soon broke up in another gale. An investigation into her wrecking discovered that the ships deviation card had been left behind in London when she sailed. The captain had his master's certificate suspended for six months.

A wooden cafe was built on the Todden where "Little Todden" now standsusing salvaged timber from this wreck. Oddly enough, the cafe was called "Highland Fling"


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