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Steamer of 5994 tons, 405 ft x 53 ft Sunk 1935 Ran aground on passage from London to the Clyde. Struck the Tregwin Rocks in thick fog.She left London on 25 September bound for Glasgow with about 3500 tons of maize and maize products.

Built in 1917, One steam vertical triple compound direct-acting surface condensing engine of 560 NHP and 2,600 IHP. 3 cylindrical multitubular boilers with a loaded pressure of 180 lbs. and three cylinders by Blair & Co., Stockton-on-Tees, England., single shaft, 1 screw

The steps up to The Crows Nest were originally in Dummers Loft, leading from the first floor into what is now the roof space. Before that they were salvaged from the Clan Malcolm


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