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A long time ago, on a Friday Night, an Irish monk by the name of Inebriatus, was shipwrecked near Cadgwith. He made it ashore on a crude raft made from empty beer barrels lashed together with tresses of virgins' hair and baler twine. He came to what is probably the best pub in Cadgwith and joined in with the local population. Ever since, the people of Cadgwith have celebrated this momentous event every Friday Night, which has become known locally as Saint Inebriatus' Eve.
You can buy a copy of the Cadgwith Singers' CD, Friday Night at Cadgwith, by going to Chough Tapes website.

In the meantime you can hear the Cadgwith Singers performing every Friday Night (Saint Inebriatus' Eve) at the pub in the centre of Cadgwith.


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